Louisa Chircop

Louisa Chircop A-M Gallery Newtown

Penny For My Thoughts

3 February – 28 February 2015

'Penny For My Thoughts' draws on an ongoing fascination of painting and drawing in presenting a liberal state of the human consciousness intertwined with subterranean thought.
Louisa Chircop A-M Gallery Newtown
Louisa Chircop A-M Gallery Newtown

This body of work explores ideas about one’s own uncertainty, spawning images of self-reflective ambiguity of a moral, spiritual and physical nature. The content and themes of the works are driven by a sense of psychological displacement and association in dealing with the shadows of the self. On viewing, one may feel the pendulum swinging somewhere metaphorically between antonym and synonym, contradiction and similarity, autobiographical and universal meaning.

Working directly from the well of the artist's existence, cutting, tearing, sifting, constructing and deconstructing images from books, magazines or photos, images are allowed to enter and leave the subconscious. This method prompts a “process of realisation”, unearthing aspects and themes that have been recycled throughout art history and our culture. It is through the unpredictable venture of morphing and sliding ideas inside, outside and against one another that material and concepts are found. This existential pursuit is a reminder that life is constantly moving, propelling discovery of a world that parallels aspects of life (both personal and universal) and reflection on one’s position in relation to things and on the meaning and purpose of life.

The mixed media works encapsulate thinking patterns and the constant mutability of one’s voice. These works, perhaps best described as “thinking drawings”, help to build a complex and layered picture of humankind and highlight many facets of the human condition.