Gavin Bradstreet & Maylei Hunt

Gavin Bradstreet & Maylei Hunt A-M Gallery Newtown


13 August — 3 September 2011

A photographic tale of love and passion (gained and lost), PM unravels the night romances encountered through chance and destiny, drawing upon traditional photographic techniques and dance and challenging the narrative element of these art forms, to go beyond the visual norm.
Gavin Bradstreet & Maylei Hunt A-M Gallery Newtown
Gavin Bradstreet & Maylei Hunt A-M Gallery Newtown

The concept for PM was to pay homage to the original people of this country and to celebrate our unique identity as Australians. This panoramic tale, performed by professional dancers Waagenga Blanco and Katina Olsen, tells a story of two lovers and their journey, the passion, the essential moments of solitude, the electric synergies when together and their bond to the land.

Hunt and Bradstreet have created a large-scale figurative photographic panorama, which fills the visual plane of the gallery. The format lends itself to epic storytelling and within these scenes the characters move from urban to rural settings, they emerge and disappear within the extended scene and draw us into their tale. The piece pushes the boundaries of the photographic documentation of movement.

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